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1. All tubers are guaranteed to be true to name and disease free. If you have a problem, you must contact us by SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2019 . A replacement tuber will be sent the following year. After that time, no replacement will be made.

2. We are unable to accept on-line orders at this time. Please print out the order form.

3. Minimum order - $20 not including tax and shipping. Shipping is 1-5 tubers $8.00, 6-10 $10.00 .50 per tuber over that, but maximum charged will be $18.00. (No charge if picking up. You will be notified when they are ready). If you order plants and tubers, they will be shipped separately, so there will be a shipping charge for each.

4. Payment must accompany order if paying by check or money order. You may pay by Paypal at: If you pay by Paypal, please send me your order by e-mail and let me know you are paying by Paypal. Credit cards are accepted -- but you must call me to place the order. My website is not secure at this time.

5. Orders will be filled in the sequence they are received. If you include your e-mail address, an e-mail confirmation will be sent to to you.

6. Orders will be shipped after April 1st.

7. INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: For all international orders shipped on the one general shipping date -- about the end of March, cost of the phyto will be $36. Cost will be more if wanted at a different time. Shipping costs will be determined by number of tubers ordered and counry to which it is going.

8. Questions? Call 360-751-1280 or e-mail:

9. If you visited the garden and saw a variety not listed, please call. It may just be in too short a supply to list here. Some sold out varieties are available as plants. Call me for info.