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OASIS® Wedge® growing medium are now available for shipment. They taper in shape from top to bottom. This unique shape aids in directing root development downward for rapid root development, resulting in greater crop turnover and overall productivity for the grower. In transplanting, the Wedge product minimizes the need for dibbling. Each cell is singulated, therefore there is no tangling of the fibrous root systems. Products come preloaded ina tray and are immediately ready to use by a grower upon receipt.

Features and Benefits:

• Sterile medium arrives pathogen-free, to reduce disease and insect problems
• Just add water -- Ready to use right out of the box
• Engineered for optimal cell-to-cell performance,
assuring proper drainage and water holding
• Unique “Universal” star dibble hole accommodates most stem sizes for ease of sticking
• Roots remain undisturbed during transplant,
eliminating plant shock
• Low cation exchange capacity for rapid nutrient availability

I am out of oasis wedges for the season. Here is a place I found them that seems to have a reasonable price.